Your brand is precious. The space around your logo is sacred ground and the colours you use on your stationery count. If you find you are using more than 3 fonts in one place then stop, take a breath, and get in touch. We can help.

Website Design: Green Man Stoves

Green Man Stoves

We have rebranded Green Man Stoves, creating the green flame to reflect their ethical energy message combined with their business-like approach to life. We have created new business cards, adverts, and their website has been created using Wordpress so they can easily add their own new ranges of…

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Website Design: Antique Tables and Chairs

Antique Tables and Chairs

Antique Tables and Chairs is an e-commerce website with content that is managed by the client. It has been optimised for SEO and designed to the client's strict specifications. Visit Antique Tables and…

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Website Design: Bromyard Folk Festival

Bromyard Folk Festival

We have created the logo, website, stationery and brand guidelines for Bromyard Folk Festival. The website is Wordpress based and uses plugins to list the artists, appearances and types of performances…

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Branding Logo Design: Team Tactix 03

Team Tactix

Our brief was to create a brand, stationary and website for Team Tactix, a team building company. The logo was created to have three versions, evolving into a vertical configuration. The website content is fully controlled by the client. Visit Team…

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Website Design: Grange Heating

Grange Heating

When we created the brand for Grange Heating, they had a rusty old van, a toolbox and worked from home. Created with the owner's input, the logo represents a clean corporate heating company image. Now they have dedicated premises and a fleet of vans. I'm sure the owner would agree this is largely…

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Company Rebrand: Hop Pocket Wine Company-02

Hop Pocket Wine Company

We created the new brand for the Hop Pocket Wine Company, and created an illustration of how their van could look. This has all come to pass now and they look the…

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Website Design: Treasure Hunt Design

Treasure Hunt Design

This is a Wordpress based blog site with SEO and designed to match the company brand. The logo was created using a 3D package and scaled back for simplicity. Treasure explorations meeting corporations. Visit Treasure Hunt…

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Website Design 3dSam

3D Sam

3D Sam needed hosting, a website, and a logo. The site was created using 3D graphics to reflect the services offered. Visit 3D…

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