Green Man Stoves Shop Front

In order to obtain planning permission to put a sign on their building, Green Man Stoves submitted our 3D images to the local council. The sign was designed in co-ordination with the capabilities of the local signage company, Signs & Labels.

Planning Permission: Signage 01 Planning Permission: Signage 02

This is how the finished article turned out.

Planning Permission: Signage 03

Greenwich Market

In order for the Mayor of London to approve the temporary relocation of Greenwich Market for renovation, we created visuals to demonstrate the impact on the landscape. The park was filled with trees that the structure had to be built around.

3D Modelling: Planning Permission-00 3D Modelling: Planning Permission-01 3D Modelling: Planning Permission-02 3D Modelling: Planning Permission-03 3D Modelling: Planning Permission-04